About Us

Here at HotelsNearTrains, we understand the importance of convenience.

Location is the #1 factor people consider when choosing where to stay and, for independent travelers, easy access to public transportation is critical.

Price, comfort, and good reviews also matter.

But not everyone has the time to sift through the hundreds, even thousands, of hotels, hostels, and holiday homes available in each city. 

That’s why we’re doing it for you!

We give you the best options for accommodations located within walking distance of major transportation hubs. We break down the room options and prices, and cross-check reviews of previous guests across different websites.

Whether you’re:

  • an environmentally-conscious traveler who wants to avoid planes and taxicabs whenever possible,
  • a backpacker looking to cut costs by sticking to public transpo,
  • a senior citizen wanting to go easy on the joints, or
  • a family with young kids in tow,

we’ve got the information you need to choose the best place to stay.