6 Great Places to Stay Near the Abisko Train Stations

The best hotels, hostels, and guesthouses within 400 meters (6 minutes’ walk) of the railway stations in Abisko, Sweden.

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There are two train stations in Abisko: Abisko Turiststation, which is in the Abisko National Park and nearer to the Aurora Sky Station; and Abisko Östra, which is at the center of town.

There are six accommodations with great ratings and reviews within 400 meters, or around 6 minutes’ walk, of the two train stations in Abisko, Sweden. All the hotels, hostels, and guesthouses listed below have a rating of at least 8/10 at and at least 4/5 in TripAdvisor and Google Reviews.

1. STF Abisko Turiststation

This hotel is located within Abisko National Park, 170 meters from the Abisko Turiststation train station. Guests who prefer shared accommodations can book a bunk bed in a mixed dormitory room. Those who prefer private accommodations have a choice of single, double, twin, and quadruple rooms. There is also a two-bedroom cottage that can accommodate up to 6 adults. The hotel has an elevator and there are rooms that are accessible by wheelchair. Guests have free access to the sauna, fully equipped shared kitchen, and laundry facilities. The hotel shop sells freshly baked bread as well as snacks and drinks. The restaurant serves vegan and vegetarian food. All the trails of the national park can be easily accessed from the hotel. Children over 6 are welcome and are considered “adults” by the hotel starting age 16. Pets are not allowed. Depending on the season and occasion, a one-night stay at this hotel starts at 495-1200 SEK (€48 – €116).

2. Abisko Guesthouse

This guesthouse is 100 meters from Abisko Östra station and offers double and triple rooms, as well as a room that can accommodate up to 5 adults. It has a shared kitchen and sauna. There is a grocery store just around the corner. Guests can borrow warm clothes from the guesthouse for free. Laundry services are available. The hosts recommend seeing the northern lights — which can be seen from the guesthouse itself — between the end of August to April. Children are welcome and are considered “adults” by the hotel starting age 3. Guests may bring pets upon request; charges may apply. Depending on the season and occasion, a one-night stay at this hotel starts at 595 SEK (€58).

3. Abisko Mountain Lodge

This lodge is just 2-5 minutes’ walk from the Abisko Östra station. They offer a single room, perfect for solo travellers, as well as a double room and twin room. There is also a cottage that can accommodate up to 4 adults. There is a tap in the lobby that always serves near-boiling water. Rooms have a private bathroom, while there are also shared shower facilities in the sauna and relaxation area. There is a luggage storage area that guests can use while waiting for the train. Guests can also rent warm clothes from the lodge. Children are welcome. Pets are allowed free of charge. Depending on the season and occasion, a one-night stay at this hotel starts at 1300-2500 SEK (€126 – €242).

4. Abisko Net Hostel & Huskies

This hostel, 350 meters from Abisko Östra station, offers both private and dorm rooms. For guests who prefer private accommodations, they have a choice of double, twin, and quadruple rooms. The dormitory rooms sleep 6 guests each (mixed gender). Bed linen can be rented for 90 SEK and towels for 20 SEK. The grocery store is nearby and the lake, the best place to see the northern lights, is a 10-minute walk away. The hostel has a shared kitchen and luggage storage. The shared bathrooms have a hairdryer. Guests can rent ski equipment at the hostel for 150 SEK for the entire stay. Children are welcome. Pets are not allowed. Depending on the season and occasion, a one-night stay at this hotel starts at 315 SEK (€31).

5. Lovely House in Abisko

This country house is 400 meters from the Abisko Östra station and has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, able to accommodate up to 9 guests with a maximum of 7 adults. There is a fully equipped kitchen, a sauna, and a terrace with lake views. The aurora borealis is also visible from the house itself. Children are welcome and are considered “adults” by the hotel starting age 6. Pets are allowed; charges may apply. Depending on the season and occasion, a one-night stay at this hotel starts at 2300 SEK (€223).

6. Abisko Hostel

This hostel is located 400 meters from the Abisko Östra station and offers twin rooms with shared toilets. It is only a few minutes’ walk to the lake; a Coop grocery store is also nearby. Guests have access to a well-stocked shared kitchen. Sheets and towels are included in the room rate. There is a washing machine (but no dryer) at the hostel. Winter clothes can be rented at 100 SEK/day for a whole set. Children are welcome. Pets are not allowed. Depending on the season and occasion, a one-night stay at this hotel starts at 995 SEK (€97).

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Hotel Name Rating Distance Starts at
8.3 / 10
170 m
€ 48
8.1 / 10
100 m
€ 58
8.5 / 10
300 m
€ 126
8.5 / 10
350 m
€ 31
8.6 / 10
400 m
€ 223
8.1 / 10
400 m
€ 97
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Related FAQs

Where is Abisko located?

Abisko is located in northern Sweden, in the region of Sápmi, historically referred to as Lapland. The nearest airport is the one in Kiruna, Sweden, which receives flights operated by SAS. From the airport, visitors can reach Abisko by train or bus. Abisko is over 1300 km north of Stockholm, from which there are flights and trains to Abisko. It is roughly 80 km east of the town of Narvik in Norway, just over an hour by car. Tromsø, Norway is a 4-hour car journey to the north of Abisko, while Rovaniemi, Finland is 6 hours away.

Is Abisko in the Arctic circle?

Yes! Abisko is around 250 km within the Arctic Circle. Visitors can experience the midnight sun or the polar night in Abisko.

How do you get to Abisko?

From Stockholm, guests can reach Abisko: (1) by night train, or (2) by a flight to nearby Kiruna, travelling the rest of the way to Abisko by bus or train.

Visitors travelling by plane may also get to Abisko through the city of Narvik in Norway. The airport in Narvik receives flights from Oslo, Trondheim, Tromsø, and Bodø. From Narvik city, there are buses headed for Luleå Centralstation that stop at both Abisko Turiststation and Abisko Östra.

How do you reach Abisko from Stockholm?

There is a sleeper train that departs nightly from Stockholm at 6:11 PM and reaches Abisko Östra station at 10:34 AM the next day. It goes on to Abisko Turiststation, arriving there at 11:08 AM. Tickets can be bought at SJ. Prices may vary, but a one-way ticket from Stockholm to Abisko Östra bought one month before travel can cost around 952 SEK (€92) for a seat and 1097 SEK (€106) for a berth in a couchette or sleeping car. The return sleeper train journey leaves Abisko Turiststation at 4:41 PM and Abisko Östra at 4:47 PM, arriving in Stockholm at 9:25 AM the next day. 

There are also flights from Stockholm to Kiruna, the airport nearest to Abisko. Again, prices vary but a round-trip ticket between Stockholm and Kiruna can cost 1,276 SEK (€124). From the airport, visitors can take a train or bus to Abisko.

When is the best time to see the northern lights in Abisko, Sweden?

The aurora borealis, or northern lights, can be seen in Abisko, Sweden from as early as late August, all the way to as late as early April, but the best time to view them is between September and late March. On clear evenings, they can best be seen between 9 PM to 2 AM, though some say the best displays are around 10 to 11 PM.

When should you visit Abisko?

If you’re visiting Abisko to see the northern lights, you should schedule your visit between September and March.

Abisko National Park is beautiful all year round. Summer is the best time to see spectacular flower displays and bird life, while autumn brings cool fresh air and the additional advantage of the mosquitoes being mostly gone. Winter’s marvelous possibilities include skating on Lake Torneträsk, the polar night, and of course the aurora borealis.

What hotels are near Abisko National Park?

The hotel nearest Abisko National Park is STF Abisko Turiststation. Further away, in Abisko village right by the Abisko Östra train station, there are other accommodation options, including Abisko Mountain Lodge and Abisko Guesthouse.

Are there hostels in Abisko?

There are two highly regarded hostels in Abisko: Abisko Net Hostel & Huskies and Abisko Hostel. Both are located within walking distance of the Abisko Östra train station. A one-night stay at Abisko Net Hostel & Huskies starts at 315 SEK (€31), while a one-night stay at Abisko Hostel starts at 995 SEK (€97).

Is there an Airbnb in Abisko?

There is an Airbnb-type accommodation in Abisko called Lovely House in Abisko. It can sleep up to 9 guests (maximum of 7 adults) and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a fully equipped kitchen, sauna, and terrace with lake views.

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