The 8 Best Hotels and Apartments Nearest to the Montreux Train Station

The best hotels and apartments within 350 meters (5 minutes’ walk) of the train station in Montreux, Switzerland.

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There are three hotels and five apartments with great ratings and reviews within 350 meters, or around 5 minutes’ walk, of the Montreux train station. Our pick for the best hotel is described in more detail after the map. All three hotels are summarized in the table, followed by short descriptions of the five best apartments within short walking distance of Montreux railway station. All the hotels and apartments shortlisted below have a rating of at least 8/10 at and at least 4/5 in TripAdvisor and Google Reviews.

Best hotels near Montreux train station

Top Pick:
Grand Hotel Suisse Majestic

This 4-star hotel is right across the Montreux train station and offers a variety of double rooms. There are no connecting rooms. There is a fitness center and sauna on site. Guests can request to be provided an iron and ironing board free of charge. Children are welcome. Guests may bring pets upon request; charges may apply. Depending on the season and occasion, a one-night stay at this hotel starts at 188 – 379 CHF.

All highly rated hotels within 350 meters of Montreux train station

Hotel Name Rating Distance Starts at
8.6 / 10
30 m
188 CHF
8.1 / 10
230 m
123 CHF
8.3 / 10
300 m
96 CHF

Best apartments / Airbnb-type accommodations near Montreux train station

Montreux Apartment on the Lake (8.8 / 10) – 120 meters from the Montreux train station

  • This 2-bedroom apartment (115 m²) on 71 Grand’ Rue accommodates up to 5 adults and starts at 233 CHF.

Montreux LUX (9.4 / 10) – 170 meters from the Montreux train station

  • These are 1- and 3-bedroom apartments on 54 Grand’ Rue that accommodate up to 4 and 8 adults, respectively, and start at 512 CHF.

Apartment Montreux Center (9.6 / 10) – 350 meters from the Montreux train station

  • This 1-bedroom apartment (45 m²) on 12 Rue du Centre accommodates up to 2 adults and starts at 143 CHF.

The Studios Montreux (8.2 / 10) – 350 meters from the Montreux train station

  • These are 1-bedroom apartments on 2 Rue du Cygne that can accommodate up to 4 adults each and start at 230 CHF.

Montreux Grand Rue (9 / 10) – 350 meters from the Montreux train station

  • These are 2- and 3- bedroom apartments on 32 Grand’ Rue that can accommodate up to 6 and 8 adults, respectively, and start at 557 CHF.
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Note: Accommodations are shortlisted based on their review scores on and TripAdvisor, as well as their distance from the train station as determined through Google Maps. We are not connected in any way with any of the properties listed, and the best accommodations are selected based on a combination of reviews, rankings, nearness to the train station, and best value for money. Affiliate links are used in this article; when you book, we may earn a small commission from the booking platform, but the price stays the same for you.